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Graphic design is visual rationale. A study in the balance of aesthetics and legibility; of readability and marketability. Bad designs ruin good products, and good design might sell an okay one. This charm of visual persuasion seduced me into design from editorial. I had studied EngLit and been working editing jobs in newspapers when opportunity came to shift and I decided I should.

In a way I don’t find editorial too different from visualization either. The first is about designing words, the second about editing visuals: both has the same intention, to engage with the reader/viewer.

I have worked with newspapers in both editorial and design, managing the launch of the last one I was in, have managed design teams in publishing houses, have done ads, identities, posters and hundreds of book covers. Having worked regular jobs for many years, I decided to take the leap towards becoming an independent graphic professional. I would appreciate it if you looked through my galleries.